About Us


I was fascinated with make up at school, and wanted to know how it was done. My parents bought me a book on prosthetic's and some modelling wax one Christmas, after that I was hooked, making wounds and cuts I had seen in the book. Halloween was quite scary around my house.  Asking people in the industry what I should do when I left school, they advised me to do beauty and make up at college to give me a foundation in the basics of make-up and care of the model or actor. 


When I left college, I studied at Greasepaint and completed the five star programme with further prosthetic's. They were helpful with work placement afterwards and I’ve worked on several projects since. While at Greasepaint I grew a passion for prosthetics and continued down this path. I wanted to learn more in the prosthetic field so I enrolled onto Stuart Bray's 5 day flat pack zombie workshop, which I enjoyed immensely. This helped me learn about silicone and one way of making prosthetic’s for film. But I needed to learn more.


Im always wanting to learn more skills and pick up tips to improve my skills so I thought I would attend Gorton Studios, in Aylesbury, and attend the Character design course held there. It was a long 7 weeks but it was the best experience I could have received. The skills I learnt set me up for a career in prosthetics make up and I wouldn't look back. I have done serval prosthetic jobs because of the skills I learned and I love what I do now. I can do life casting, sculpt, mould, and cast a prosthetic for film and TV in different materials. I have worked for FOX and The Walking Dead, Panasonic and several student films in the last 10 years. Been on the red carpet for Rock of Ages, and have done a music video for an up coming band. As I'm continuing to learn and make new experiences, 

I grew a love for sculpting and decided to up my skills in sculpting by attending Don Lanning’s creature sculpting course. This was a lot of fun. Another experience under my belt which I also loved. My aunt told me once, if you enjoy your job, you'll never work a day in your life. How true!